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Al Doha logistic is one of Qatar’s leading independent Earth Work Contracting Company with vast experience in the region. Since our inception in 2008, we have successfully engaged in various prestigious projects involving earth works for leading municipal, civil, commercial and residential tasks in Qatar.

Al Doha logistic extensive experience in earth moving and excavation works ensure the successful implementation of all your commercial and civil construction projects in Qatar. An adoption of the latest technologies helps us deliver high quality earthworks that are accurate and delivered on time. This lets you save essential commodities like time and money at a crucial stage of any construction project.

Al Doha logistic , every earthworks project is taken very seriously, as we know they constitute the very foundations of your construction projects. This is the prime reason, why unlike other local excavating contractors, we provide a total range of earth works solutions, from primary survey through to the completed ground profile. We can also suggest ways to optimize the re-use of site material.We also suggest improvement of ground where required.

Our Earth Work Contracting services include:

  • On-site crushing
  • Trench & Bulk Excavation
  • Site Clearance & Cart Away
  • Bulk Filling Materials with supply of suitable filling sand and other material
  • Area Grading
  • Piling work, etc.

Our earthwork solutions help you undertake the following activities:

  • Road building and maintenance
  • Restoration of land
  • Site preparation
  • Excavation works
  • Civil works, etc.

With rapid infrastructure development in the region, there’s been a tremendous rise in various construction activities. A seamless management of such intense projects requires proper integration of all the processes.

Backed by a team of experienced engineers, surveyors and laborers, we are fully licensed to execute all types of earth works, irrespective of its scale and complexity.

Having direct control over these operations, using all their own extensive range of equipment and experience, gives them a unique ability to provide the most accurate bids for time and cost, while ensuring that all projects meet their standards of excellence.

Backed by our in-depth industry knowledge, we provide different types of earthworks services in Qatar. As an equipment driven process, earthworks incur most expenses from the cost of equipment which constitute a major chunk of the investment and operation. This equipment generally include wheel loaders, excavators, scrapers, rollers, dump trucks, etc.